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#31 Heidi Park – A seal of yummy

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

@unclecj: Brief: NY-trained pastry chef (“kondiiter”) Heidi Park‘s business needs logo inspired by strong woman Vianne Rocher in Chocolat #logotypse

No logo menagerie would be complete without a monogram or a seal, and pastry have a long tradition of that so let’s keep it going. I balanced back and forward on this on when it came to how much old style decor I should use contra a clean and modern feel. Design time 2h 20min.

Download the Heidi Park logo »

Tomorrow is the last day this summer project, but this is the last logo based on a twittered brief so I want to start thanking for all the support I’ve got from everyone. And even if you didn’t get a logo, all briefs were fuel for the project, so thank you.

A special thank to Martin Thörnqvist at the music label Songs I wish I had written for letting me use all their music. Music in today’s screencast is Anorak and Other Complicated Words Beginning With an A – The LK.

#30 AktieTwits – Are you a Bud Fox or a Gordon Gekko?

Saturday, August 8th, 2009


@jensdavidsen: Brief: Logo for with inspiration from Bud Fox – movie: Wall Street #logotypse

[Aktie is the Danish and Swedish word for stock]

I get a kick of seeing new briefs coming in but since there is just two days left of the project there is now no chance that I will do the new briefs. Just so you know.

So today we have something inspired by the spirit of the 80’s. Since stock trade is now mostly for people that aren’t invited to private equity offerings it has become even more just a field for theories on technical analysis, therefor I think stocks and twitter trends should be a good fit. Technical analysis is as good as buying books on what numbers should be up in the lottery. At least when it comes to picking companies that will build real value, the Bud Fox way.

However if there is enough Gekko’s out there that don’t give a damn about value creation and instead just speculates in graphs, then technical analysis is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s like the twitter trends when there is a trending topic just because all of us tweet questions about why this is a trending topic.

That said, I think IR-markters that disregard the real time social web will be out of a job rather soon. There is no point invoicing large sums for press releases, when the official tweeter of that company can write 140 characters for free.

Design time 1h30m

Download the AktieTwits logotype »

The music in today’s screencast is I Do Renounce Them – Le Sport.

#29 Elevshopping – Klaus Kinski is such a Carrie, not.

Friday, August 7th, 2009

@Weconverse: Brief: Fitzcarraldo personifying logo for “när skolor lockar elever som shoppare lever” #logotypse fits our project perfect!

I think Richard Gatarski (weconverse’s real name) has been the most active supporter of my summer project. Lot’s of blog posts, tweets and commenting. So there should be no surprise that he eventually would get a logo. So: Richard I don’t know how to explain what the name and tagline means in English, it’s too many interpretations, and you guy’s give no real info about your project on your site. But since you’re a great commenter I give you the honors to translate it yourself.

My relation to the film Fitzcarraldo is mostly though segments in the documentary Mein liebster Feind – Klaus Kinski where the director Werner Herzog and the actor Kinski pushes each other so much that the guns comes out. It’s a must see! Needless to say it achieving ones dreams is hard work.

I think that this inspiration could go too much in the megalomania direction, and then the logo would alienate people from Mr Gatarski’s project so I did it subtile by going a bit bauhaus. Which by coincides happens to be the letter style of Bloomingdale’s and perhaps the most famous shopping bag design in the world, The Little Brown Bag. Then in the end I dialed up the drama a bit with fire coloring. Design time a little over 2 hours.

Download the Elevshopping logotype »

The music in today’s screencast is Cigánské Melodie – Motoboy.

#28 Norrfors – Tattoo rebus with a hint of nudity

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

@norrfors: Brief: Would love a norrfors logo for a new tattoo & blog. Inspired by The Hangover & Zach Galifianakis in shades look #logotypser

[Norrfors is composed by the two swedish words norr and fors which means north and whitewater]

To have Zach Galifianakis as inspiration does not make this one easy. Zach has a whispering way of being just funny enough for people that look for it will to notice. If you don’t look for it you will just think that he’s weird. So the design could be really weird with a twist, or weedy laid back, or just unclean but funny.

I know nothing about designing tattoos, nothing about if it’s better with thin lines or thick lines, what colors that fades badly or what’s in style right now. However I think that if the style is to dominant, say if I did a hand drawn Juno typeface, it might feel old fashioned and dated. A simplified line drawing based on classic elements will not.

So the result is a rebus with a compass lily symbolizing north and a meander symbolizing traveling water, and they are composed by letters. Oh and if you want you can also read the lily as a man just hanging out, to get in some whispering Zach attitude in.

Now the question is, will @norrfors like it enough to actually do the tattoo?

Download the Norrfors logotype »

The music in today’s screencast is Show Me Your Penis – Le Sport.

#27 The Present Becomes The Past – Conference graphics inspired by Citizen Kane

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

@selanna: Brief: Logo for newspaper conference “The Present Becomes The Past” at the National Library – Citizen Kane #logotypse

When I saw this brief I knew I wanted to try to make the word present turn in to the word past in some way, and since I did a ambigram the other day I first did some sketching some type of symbiotogram for this one. The different length of the words made it hard to do a design that in the end would look stylish and readable, so I changed direction a bit.

Citizen Kane is full of cinematography goodies, camera angels and depth of field choices makes every frame visually interesting. That combined with my understanding that the primary use for this logo would be conference graphics made me go more towards poster design then logo design. I struggled a bit with constructing the color balance so that you would read the words in the correct order, but in the end I think I managed that.

Download the The Present Becomes The Past graphics »

Music in today’s screencast is The Love of Little Things – The LK.

#26 Pan – Logotype for a co-working boat.

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

@redsoda : Brief: my IRL startup is called Pan and is a coworkingboat. I would love the logo to be maritime and the internet combined

Pan in this brief refers to Peter Pan, but with the no Disney allowed in my screencasts rule, I mostly looked at older interpretations of Peter.

First I wanted to do more pirate things, but I think that is a little less playful to have skull and bones on a boat today after all the modern pirates, so sorry no pirates (and ninjas was to far from the brief).

Somewhere in the middle of the process I was thinking of surfing waves to be the part that would combine maritime and Internet, but in the final design that turned out to be vapor trails. The challenge for me i this one was more how to get the viewer to read Pan as in Peter, and not the goat foot Pan (as in flute), or the word meaning all as in the Pan German Party.

When naming stuff it’s good to have a word with some room for interpretations. That usually adds curiosity for the brain in a good way. But if there is to much ambiguity the chances that lots of people are getting the wrong association from the one you wanted them to have. This is a type of challenge that designing of logo should be able to help with. Think of it as Search Engine Optimizing, where the search engine is your brain and me wanting my interpretation of the word to be in in top of the result list. Close to your tip on your tongue. Design time two and a half hours.

Download the Pan logotype »

The feather in the hat had to go, close up the figure read as Peter Pan a bit better, but it was harder to read the whole silhouette with it at distance so I had to loose it.

The music in today’s screencast is Gentle Touch – Pieter van den Hoogenband.

#25 Judith W – Constructing an ambigram

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

@judithw: Brief: A logo to my blog So it smells like “creativity”. Inspiration Rumpnissarna in Ronja Röverdotter #logotypse

Rumpnissarna are some ugly cute critters that walks around in the forest and asks “why, why do they do things in this way” in a weird accent. So a bit like creative consultants. But when Judith asked that the logo should smell like creativity, I knew that I could use this one to do an ambigram.

[An ambigram is a typographical design or artform that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. The words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words.] Wikipedia.

I last saw Judith at the Reboot conference in Copenhagen last month, and then she told me that she considered to do acrylic laser cut out of her twitter name and use as business cards. So for that to work it the letters have to be joined.

After playing around and finding the shapes for constructing the ambigram I went back to add the rumpnisse thing. That gave the final more children’s book logo bubbly form. However if someone where to ask “why, why does he do things in this way”, I would have to say that in most cases ambigram is just typographical masturbation. But the result usually smells like creativity. Design time 2 hours 40 min.

Download the Judith W logotype »

The music in this one is Unarmed enemies – Hustlers recharged

#24 Pearl Design – Inspired by Jane Austen

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

@jakoblj: Brief: A logo for my wifes own brand Pearl Design,, inspired by Elizabeth Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice”.

Today’s strategy lesson: Usually when it comes to redesign it’s a good thing to know why the client wants a change. Without that information there is no way of knowing if the new design is better or worse.

I was toying with just doing a design upgrade of the current Pearl Design of Sweden logo, but then I thought why not see if there is a Jane Austen handwriting sample out there. And there was, along with a free Jane Austen font. In these situations I usually draw my own fonts since free fonts almost always are in need for lots of extra love before they can be logo material, but today I used the free font as a base.

I changed the color from the red they have today to blue because the brand is lot’s of night wear. But when it comes to cloths it is always a good idea to let color be a never ending changing element.
Design time 2 hours 40 minutes.

Download the Pearl Design of Sweden logotype »

The music in today’s screencast is Beat Heart – Motoboy.

#23 SIFFEK – International entrepreneurs in Sweden are decapitated, but still alive.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

@23Gears: Logo for network SIFFEK for international entrepreneurs in Sweden. Inspiration: Pierce Brosnan in Mars Attacks

Mr Pierce plays Donald Kessler a friendly British anatomy professor that believes that the aliens will be good friends that will share their knowledge with us humans, which they are not. He’s nativity leads Kessler to be captured and has his head decapitated and put in a jar, but still kept alive. This is how internationals entrepreneurs feel about doing business in Sweden? Don’t worry, it’s not just them. This is how most Swedish entrepreneurs feels about starting businesses in Sweden.

So for this logo I wanted some hard strict fat font that will pass for official looking, and a bit stiff, and then I wanted to fill the constrains with color and organic form. I think one could use lots of different versions, but that is something designers try to sell because the concept of changing colors in great, but in reality it takes a lot of resources to make it work. Design time today a little less then two hours.

Good luck to SIFFEK, hope you can do something good, and remember when the official enterprise organisations in Sweden talks about small businesses they are talking about the European term SME (up to 250 employees), that is most likely not you. Tell them that they have to talk about micro enterprising instead, because companies with 1-20 employees, we are the ones that run the real Sweden.

Download the SIFFEK logotype »

The music in today’s screencast is Private Life of a Cat – The LK.

#22 Skolväskan – Better to MacGyver something then to fix it.

Friday, July 31st, 2009

@joachimth: Brief: I would like a logo to inspired by MacGyver

So Skolväskan is swedish for school bag, and since MacGyver was the inspiration I knew that I wanted there to be something in the logotype or symbol that could be used as something else. The site seems to be about online tools for teachers, so it shouldn’t be to childish. The questions were, what would MacGyver use as a school bag, and what should a updated school bag contain?

The black version of the logo looks less like a computer screen then the gradient one, but I think the primary use will be screen. However if there is a chance that something could be used in print and I’m stupid enough to do a gradient logo, I’d better give you a backup solution for free.

Before I was obsessed with the different versions reading the same in both stroke weight and feel, and I still think about that. But for the most part it’s just designers that cares about that. If you have a market of over say 10 000 000, then the small percent that would think better of you if you have that last ounce of consistency. And that would add up to numbers where you should invest in a solution. But otherwise, just spend the time and money on things that counts instead.

Also the text will be hard to read in small versions so watch out for that, the idea took away for function in this case. Usually identity design consultants fix that with rules of usage, corporate identity manuals with lots and lots of rules. And we are back to the earlier if you have a market of over 10 000 000 statement. Did MacGyver care how one were suppose to use things? Did he solve anything permanent?

Download the Skolväskan logotype »

On another issue, if this was a client my first response would be, that the site seems to have a pretty monolithic design structure. Having a new header logo in that structure should be avoided (since it implies that the subparts are not happy with the way people upstairs are running things). Change the structure so it allows more flavors or rebels like @joachimth will break it for you. Or another way to go is just crush people like @joachimth, problem solved.

The music in today’s screencast is Think of you – Le Sport.