#30 AktieTwits – Are you a Bud Fox or a Gordon Gekko?

August 8th, 2009


@jensdavidsen: Brief: Logo for AktieTwits.dk/AktieTwits.se with inspiration from Bud Fox – movie: Wall Street #logotypse

[Aktie is the Danish and Swedish word for stock]

I get a kick of seeing new briefs coming in but since there is just two days left of the project there is now no chance that I will do the new briefs. Just so you know.

So today we have something inspired by the spirit of the 80’s. Since stock trade is now mostly for people that aren’t invited to private equity offerings it has become even more just a field for theories on technical analysis, therefor I think stocks and twitter trends should be a good fit. Technical analysis is as good as buying books on what numbers should be up in the lottery. At least when it comes to picking companies that will build real value, the Bud Fox way.

However if there is enough Gekko’s out there that don’t give a damn about value creation and instead just speculates in graphs, then technical analysis is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s like the twitter trends when there is a trending topic just because all of us tweet questions about why this is a trending topic.

That said, I think IR-markters that disregard the real time social web will be out of a job rather soon. There is no point invoicing large sums for press releases, when the official tweeter of that company can write 140 characters for free.

Design time 1h30m

Download the AktieTwits logotype ยป

The music in today’s screencast is I Do Renounce Them – Le Sport.

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3 Responses to “#30 AktieTwits – Are you a Bud Fox or a Gordon Gekko?”

  1. seoism says:

    @jensdavidsen AkiteTwits just got a logo. Check it out http://is.gd/27Fwz

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  2. Richard Gatarski says:

    I loved when you play with “bull nose” – “ties”. It ended OK, clearly a useful symbol (although in my view more functional than beautiful). Kind of rhymes with the style and intentions with their service. And the logo seems to be adjustable by those who got it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Boyd Dames says:

    You can do very much with illustrator, but stop using those ugly gradients. Your designs look way better without them!

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