#29 Elevshopping – Klaus Kinski is such a Carrie, not.

August 7th, 2009

@Weconverse: Brief: Fitzcarraldo personifying logo for elevshopping.se “när skolor lockar elever som shoppare lever” #logotypse fits our project perfect!

I think Richard Gatarski (weconverse’s real name) has been the most active supporter of my summer project. Lot’s of blog posts, tweets and commenting. So there should be no surprise that he eventually would get a logo. So: Richard I don’t know how to explain what the name and tagline means in English, it’s too many interpretations, and you guy’s give no real info about your project on your site. But since you’re a great commenter I give you the honors to translate it yourself.

My relation to the film Fitzcarraldo is mostly though segments in the documentary Mein liebster Feind – Klaus Kinski where the director Werner Herzog and the actor Kinski pushes each other so much that the guns comes out. It’s a must see! Needless to say it achieving ones dreams is hard work.

I think that this inspiration could go too much in the megalomania direction, and then the logo would alienate people from Mr Gatarski’s project so I did it subtile by going a bit bauhaus. Which by coincides happens to be the letter style of Bloomingdale’s and perhaps the most famous shopping bag design in the world, The Little Brown Bag. Then in the end I dialed up the drama a bit with fire coloring. Design time a little over 2 hours.

Download the Elevshopping logotype »

The music in today’s screencast is Cigánské Melodie – Motoboy.

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10 Responses to “#29 Elevshopping – Klaus Kinski is such a Carrie, not.”

  1. seoism says:

    So Richard @weconverse Gatarski finally got a logo http://is.gd/26gz1

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  2. annascherp says:

    Att Telias mobila bredband skulle ersätta mina uppkopplingar. Pyttsan! Tur man fick 30 dagars trial. Kan inte se på http://is.gd/26gz1 🙁

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  3. Lady Fi says:

    Hurra – jag är glad att Richard fick a logo!

  4. Tyck till om logotypförslaget till elevshopping « elevshopping.se says:

    […] När du tittat på filmen rekommenderar jag att du också kikar på Tomas berättelse om hur han tänkte/kände under processen. […]

  5. Richard Gatarski says:

    At last! I mean, thank you!!!!

    I’ll save my own thoughs about the result until later (because I do not want to influence other minds, see in Swedish: http://elevshopping.se/2009/08/07/tyck-till-om-logotypforslaget-till-elevshopping/)

    But I am happy to share that I love your thoughts around the work. And that you double-nail it with the choice of music!

    When it comes to the fuzziness about the project elevshopping, that is just a mirror of realities. We three “founders” share many ambitions, have somewhat different agendas, and try to come up with something that is not here – yet. Instead of doing it the traditional way, under the radar, my idea is to open up the process.

    Whatever will come out of it – it will be mind blowing, meanwhile it’s mind boggling.

  6. Richard Gatarski says:

    Just learned that I could not do html-tags in the comments, so here in isolation is the link that should have been behind “ind boggling” in the last sentence: http://blog.ted.com/2009/02/how_mindbogglin.php“>

  7. Richard Gatarski says:

    ps. Carrie who? d.s

  8. Tomas Seo says:

    @Richard: Bradshaw (Sex and the City). The snowclone is X is such a Y, where Y is one of the characters in the show.

  9. Richard Gatarski says:

    guessed you meant her – but there is also Carrie (by Stephen King) and presumably tons of other Carries as well. Same name carries (sic!) different meanings – semiotic play my friend…

  10. Tomas Seo says:

    Yes I know, but the Stephen King Carrie works as well, but she is a little less associated with shopping for me 🙂

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