#27 The Present Becomes The Past – Conference graphics inspired by Citizen Kane

August 5th, 2009

@selanna: Brief: Logo for newspaper conference “The Present Becomes The Past” at the National Library http://bit.ly/18R7pr – Citizen Kane #logotypse

When I saw this brief I knew I wanted to try to make the word present turn in to the word past in some way, and since I did a ambigram the other day I first did some sketching some type of symbiotogram for this one. The different length of the words made it hard to do a design that in the end would look stylish and readable, so I changed direction a bit.

Citizen Kane is full of cinematography goodies, camera angels and depth of field choices makes every frame visually interesting. That combined with my understanding that the primary use for this logo would be conference graphics made me go more towards poster design then logo design. I struggled a bit with constructing the color balance so that you would read the words in the correct order, but in the end I think I managed that.

Download the The Present Becomes The Past graphics »

Music in today’s screencast is The Love of Little Things – The LK.

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4 Responses to “#27 The Present Becomes The Past – Conference graphics inspired by Citizen Kane”

  1. seoism says:

    Did a conferences logo for @selanna today. Watch screencast here http://is.gd/23rMz

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  2. Richard Gatarski says:

    great idea (thought of it myself ;), clean result. I just wish the “becomes” would have fitted in between the present and the past. As is now the logo is a little bit too big/wide.

  3. Tomas Seo says:

    @Richard: I think that’s okay for poster graphics.

  4. Pär Nilsson says:

    Thanks a bunch! I’ll talk to my colleague who does the roll-ups, posters etc. tomorrow morning and see what she thinks. Me? I’m just a librarian and I like it 🙂

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