#22 Skolväskan – Better to MacGyver something then to fix it.

July 31st, 2009

@joachimth: Brief: I would like a logo to www.ystad.se/skolvaskan inspired by MacGyver

So Skolväskan is swedish for school bag, and since MacGyver was the inspiration I knew that I wanted there to be something in the logotype or symbol that could be used as something else. The site seems to be about online tools for teachers, so it shouldn’t be to childish. The questions were, what would MacGyver use as a school bag, and what should a updated school bag contain?

The black version of the logo looks less like a computer screen then the gradient one, but I think the primary use will be screen. However if there is a chance that something could be used in print and I’m stupid enough to do a gradient logo, I’d better give you a backup solution for free.

Before I was obsessed with the different versions reading the same in both stroke weight and feel, and I still think about that. But for the most part it’s just designers that cares about that. If you have a market of over say 10 000 000, then the small percent that would think better of you if you have that last ounce of consistency. And that would add up to numbers where you should invest in a solution. But otherwise, just spend the time and money on things that counts instead.

Also the text will be hard to read in small versions so watch out for that, the idea took away for function in this case. Usually identity design consultants fix that with rules of usage, corporate identity manuals with lots and lots of rules. And we are back to the earlier if you have a market of over 10 000 000 statement. Did MacGyver care how one were suppose to use things? Did he solve anything permanent?

Download the Skolväskan logotype »

On another issue, if this was a client my first response would be, that the site Ystad.se seems to have a pretty monolithic design structure. Having a new header logo in that structure should be avoided (since it implies that the subparts are not happy with the way people upstairs are running things). Change the structure so it allows more flavors or rebels like @joachimth will break it for you. Or another way to go is just crush people like @joachimth, problem solved.

The music in today’s screencast is Think of you – Le Sport.

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5 Responses to “#22 Skolväskan – Better to MacGyver something then to fix it.”

  1. seoism says:

    Just MacGyvered a logo for @joachimth Watch the design screencast http://is.gd/1VNC7

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. Richard Gatarski says:

    Cool that you chose another school thing, although this time I am personally not thrown away by the logo. Think the main reason is the name “Skolväskan”, which I think is…well…peculiar 😉

    Agree with you on the “Avoid header logo”, and like to add (after all – this is “another issue”) that a link library like Skolvaskan i my view should be more social/crowd structured/sourced, compare http://www.pedagoglankar.se)

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  4. Joachim says:

    I waited, and waited, and gave up… But today I saw that u made a logo for me…


    And Richard… I´d love to mix my link library with my blog (and others). But stuck in the controlled world of a municipality it will take years to get there… Until then, I think they have to be divided…

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